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14 November 2012 @ 05:46 pm
There is no hope for the fallen

His eyes stared glassily at those who were the only family the world hasn’t taken away from him…until this very day.

Loki’s words were clear…

Save one of them, archer, just one… - the threat was guarded just waiting for his mistake.

Her gaze was firm, her head held up like the true warrior that she was. There was no proof that she was the last of the Romanoff’s lineage, however looking at her imposing and strong figure there was no doubt in his heart, Natasha was the last czarina.

- Why, just why should I join S.H.I.E.L.D.? What make you and your organization so different from the others? – she asked, too tired to hold her stance. Her small body shaking, giving up at last…

-  Because we are giving you a choice… - he offered his hand, knowing full well that or she would take it or she would stab him. She took it, but somehow he felt a pain in his chest anyway.

Probably, because he knew that someday something like this would happen. Then, he looked at Phil – the ever calm and resolute Phil. Phillip Coulson was his mentor, the man behind every single one of his victories. The only one who cared enough to believe in him…

-  He is an expensive investment, one we do not know how long willl last. – Nick Fury’s voice could be heard from outside the hospital room, calm but loud.

- I know, but these kinds of agent were always the most efficient of all. – Phil said to the director and it seemed that there was some extraordinary true hidden beneath his words. Hawkeye would never be sure, his eyes were failing him at that time, but he could almost swear that he saw Nicholas Fury…smile.

- My patience is running thin, Barton. Choose one already or there will be no one for you to choose at all. – Loki’s grip on his scepter was tight, the threat not so guarded anymore.

Clint felt betrayed, a betrayer, a victim, a monster. He didn’t want to choose…he wanted anything, but that.

That was it, it seemed Loki had have enough, his staff rising to strike when he decided to blurt his answer out.

- COULSON! I choose Coulson. – his eyes met the floor. He didn’t want to meet the betrayal in Natasha’s eyes or the disappointment of his mentor or even worst, the mirth in Loki’s eyes.

- Do you see him now, Lady Natasha? This is the man you bargained for. I warned you, didn’t I? – his breath was next to her neck, his lips caressing her while she remembered his words.

I will make him kill you…

Her mask was breaking, her mind understanding the insane true…


He never cared, did he? He just wanted the Black Widow out of his way, just like the others. He used me, but he was so much cruel…he made me believe him…he said he loved me…he showed me he was different. But love is for children…LIAR!


- They treated me like a doll, a monstrous doll…that when broken was discarded, no longer useful to them.

- It won’t happen again, I’ll fix you. – Clint said to her. His kiss was nice, warm…like the little happy memories she had, but was unsure if they were her own.

In every way…

It was happening all over again, he was throwing her away…

He knows…

There was no use for her now, broken, gone, useless doll…

You fear.

Natasha dropped herself on the hard floor, the bitter tasty of betrayal all too fresh, too familiar. Didn’t she deserve to be loved? Wasn’t anyone out there who could love her unconditionally like she did every single time someone walked into her heart?

No…there wasn’t…and Clint proved her just that. Then, she finally cried and cried. There was no salvation to her…no repair. She was red, everything was gushing red…there was no turning away.

Hawkeye heard her crying, his heart breaking at every sob she let pass through her lips. He cried too, despair eating his insides. He wanted to crawl to her, ask for forgiveness for her everything; his mind a mix of anger and pain from what he had done to her and from seeing Loki so close to her form.

The Asgardian walked slowly to where Coulson was standing, the point of his scepter finding his handler’s heart in no time; somehow, that broke Hawkeye even more. He wanted to wake up, it must be some kind of nightmare…

And then he’ll wake up…

Loki was near him now. Get away, his mind screamed.

To see his good work…

Natasha was still crying and Phil...

Too much pain. What have him done?



I’ll split his skull.

16 September 2012 @ 11:10 pm

Her pride, his prejudice

He was born a noble. His childhood had been marked by castles and stories about brave kings and great warriors, his own deeds been responsible for many lullabies that greeted children at night.

Looking at the moon, the young prince could not quite gasp what kind of deity would bestow him this pesky feeling for someone so irrelevant, so…annoyingly and undeniably below him as…her.

His eyes were caged to the sky, but his mind was far away from there. It was gone with her, replaying the moments he lived with her.

The first time he laid his eyes on her, he wasn’t impressed with what she, apparently, had to offer. Yes, she was pretty; he would give her that, but many others women were as well; she was not good enough to tempt him. How ironic that it only took this observation for his opinion of her to change, after the sentence escaped his lips she passed by him as the wind passes an unwelcoming tree, her eyes briefly met his and they were laughing at him, shining smoothly at his arrogance. Later that night, he could feel those eyes watching him, they were still laughing and that was when he discovered that yes, she was enough.

The second time his green eyes saw her, she was, awkwardly, a sign to behold. Her dress was bathed in mud, she had walked many miles to assist her friend; but she wasn’t tired. Her continence was firm; her pink full lips were slimly parted, giving her an aspect of those mystical women that, sometimes, appeared to seduce distracted men. However, her eyes were her true beauty; she had a very small complex and her hair color – even if somehow rare wouldn’t have been so beautiful without her eyes to compliment them –  those green orbs of hers were full of mischief, promises of happiness and great adventures; sometimes they would show him a wild spitfire running from her mother or a young maiden climbing trees with her older brother or a strong willed woman who praised herself for hers analyzing skills that so many times had kept her out of trouble.

She was beautiful, his nights there – in the countryside – were filled with her, he could identify her silhouette now, but what enchanted him more were her eyes – always her eyes – and they were still laughing.

A long time ago, some silly and love stricken poet said that love is a battlefield. He only discovered how true that statement was when he danced with her for the first time – yes, his memories of her were always filled with firsts and longing…for more, for a second, for a infinity – she was graceful, her movements as planned as of a cat, her steps firm and precise, her face the epitome of control and discipline; how unfortunate for him that he let himself be seduced by her eyes again…they were shining, reflecting the scenario they were in: the decorated ballroom, his brother’s booming voice, the dancing pair and the smiling stars, anything was there but not him. It should have let him sad, but he wasn’t…the young prince was far too gone by now. He wanted a mirror that reflected everything else and let him and his reflection to be wondered about.  He wanted it, he wanted her, it would have been easier if he had known that even with a change of his mind, he still wouldn’t have her. But, at those times, her eyes were still laughing and he was still wondering…

He praised the Lord when he managed to get out of that place, taking his silly and delusional friend with him. Captain Steve Rogers was a good man, his family coming from an ancient line of warriors, valiant and honored people whose blood could not be “infected” by dubious connections. Steve was safe and Loki thought he was safe too, until he slept – this time he could feel her beside him, her warm breath meeting his neck. Loki didn’t turn around to see her face, he already knew what he was going to find and that was when he discovered that he wasn’t safe, there wasn’t a single place in or outside of this kingdom where he would be safe from her. She had slithered her way into his heart…he knew her always eyes were laughing at him, weren’t them always? That night was different, however, for his laughed along.

Some months later he would meet her again, this time he was going to visit his aunt Lady Maria of Carmoulle with his cousin, the Colonel Stark. Usually, he would have stayed with Thor to avoid such a boring visit, but when he heard she would be there, there he went. If regret could kill, he would still be alive. It was very unfortunate for him that he didn’t regret ever single moment lived with her, even those where she took his heart out and feed it to the wolves.

“- From the first moment I met you, I saw just as an arrogant man who liked to pretend to have his own code, something that makes up for being the second son - the shadow of a glorious child – a man that owned such a disdain for the feelings of others that made me realize that he was the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry.”

She could have just said “no.” Unfortunately, he understood her. Anger and resentment were powerful feelings and when guarded for this long could cause quite the havoc after getting out. He left Golden Park that night, leaving behind a letter, a chain and his bleeding heart. She should keep it with her, it was hers after all and he…he had no use for it any longer.

It was hard getting asleep after that evening, but when he did there was only silence. Her laughter was gone as was she. Life has tricked him with the illusion of being loved; now he understood why sometimes he could hear his brother’s tears falling from his face. Love hurts…

When they met again, they were two different beings. He had thought about what she said to him, trying to change, to fix his doings and remodel his path while she was repentant and if he dared to say, a little afraid. They were tentative, at first, but after that they were taking down every single wall they have constructed, speaking and talking like long time companions. They shared many memories, she of how many times she had pranked the girls that had fell in love with her brother, for Clint had been the only one she had have for a long time and she wasn’t ready to share him; when she finished, he would tell her of his own pranks, of happier times where he didn’t worry so much about impressions, coronations and golden brothers.  At night, her laughter had returned with full force and hopefully it would stay that way.

So many plans he had, he was about to tell her of his schemes to reunite the good captain and her friend, of his change, of Thor’s happiness for their father had, finally, granted him permission to marry the peasant and their brotherly relationship was returning to be what it was. Even of the Colonel who he didn’t want near her, but that had, somehow, forged some kind of awkward bond between them (they fought a lot, indeed, but Tony seemed to like “a lady whose commentaries were riffled with snark”).

However, those plans were taken from him because some time later very unfortunate news had come to them, her brother was stricken down while on battle, his case seemed serious. It seems he would have to be taken from the battlefield to be treated, but he was in no condition of being moved, Lord Banner said that the possibility of him dying was great.

Lady Natasha was devastated, her brilliant eyes gaining an opaque aspect. She left with her relatives immediately, not even throwing a look back at him…it wasn’t like he was hoping for one anyway. He kept himself awake that night; he knew what was waiting for him as he knew what wasn’t. That night, he cried…

Being awake for so long gave him a cleaner mind, something that made it easier to his mind formulate plans, create solutions…her brother didn’t have what he needed to be cured on the battlefield and he couldn’t be moved, but what could prevent him of receiving help?

He sent the best doctors, medicine and everything he could think of would be necessary to the young man’s life; he moved the skies and the lands, just to make sure that she wouldn’t have to share her brother even with death. He sent the team, asking for their silence. He should have known he was asking them way too much, they were never good with keeping their mouths shut.

One month later, she would walk in the palace, asking for the guards to take her to him and they did. Heimdall - the dutifully and all-knowing captain of the guard - let her in, knowing very well who she was looking for. He guided her to the gardens, where he was sitting below a great oak tree.

His eyes were closed, but for the first time in what seemed an eternity, he could feel her near him again. However, the true was that he was way too tired now…too tired of dreaming of her laughing eyes, of imaginating situations that would never be, of her beautiful, so very beautiful and enchanting green eyes. He wanted it all to be true, why couldn’t it?

Suddenly, he felt her fingers tracing his face as if memorizing his features while at the same time asking for him to open his eyes and see her, standing there. Loki didn’t want to, what if she was just another dream? But when he felt her lips upon his, he found he didn’t care.

After opening his eyes, the black-haired royal didn’t see gratitude, pity or the reflection of the sky, the garden or everything else; truly, he didn’t even see himself reflected on them; but Loki saw they both together and they were laughing and they were happy…they were everything that they couldn’t be apart.

The true was that he was born a noble. His childhood had been marked by castles and stories about brave kings and great warriors, his own deeds been responsible for many lullabies that greeted children at night.

Looking at the moon, the young prince could not quite gasp what kind of deity would bestow him this pesky feeling for someone so irrelevant, so…annoyingly and undeniably below him as…her.

But, whoever it was, he would be forever thankfully for this gift. Because as he watched her figure walking into the church, he noted that there was nothing of insignificant on her, after all her pride and his prejudice were long gone, buried in some solitary grave.

As for him, never again Prince Loki dreamed of her laughing eyes because now that he got the real ones he was free to live his own dreams.

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06 September 2012 @ 09:46 pm

The Cunning Spider and the Unexpected Fly

His eyes were watching her sleeping figure while his fingers traced, silently, the rune on her neck. Natasha would never have come willingly if he hadn’t done that, it didn’t matter to him…Loki wouldn’t have her any other way. His jaded spitfire…

The Widow has spun her web of lies, asking him if he would walk into her parlor. Enchanting little spider, such deceiving lips she has…Oh, and what about that silver tongue that he wanted so much to cage with his own?

He walked in, knowing very well with who he was dealing. Poor unfortunate soul, didn’t Natasha see that she would be the one stuck in it?

The spider that should have been so cunning was blinded by her despair not seeing that she was dealing with no fly, but with a spider as deadly as she.

Their poison mixed, getting it tangled in their blood, infecting their mind; bonding the killers and liars, so that together they could be perfection. 

The Dark Prince stepped into her parlor, shaking her web, modifying her creation; changing what could have been his grave into his home.

You’re in my parlor now, my dear. Here, I am King and you…you’ll be my Queen.

His breath was hot on her face, his lips meeting her flesh; a smile full of promises greeting her eyes when they opened.

Dinner time…

My Black Spouse.

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17 July 2010 @ 07:42 pm


By: Raposa do Deserto – Desert Fox/guardian_fairy

Everybody thought he was happy just because he was rich, popular and handsome. They thought that just those three little things were enough to make someone the happiest person in the world. So who was him to say otherwise? They all thought that Kyouya was the one who wore a mask, who shielded himself from others and manipulated them to do things the way he wanted them to be done, but it was not true. He was the one with the fake smile, with the fake ID and life. He was the one who created a world of magic, because his life was tragic and being the lonely and somehow coward man that he was he knew that alone he couldn’t change things.

When he looked at the woman beside him a silent tear rolled down, founding its way out of his bare soul. One more time, he accepted to be the person others expected him to be, but this time he would wore his best mask so no one would doubt his feelings, however before he could wore it a voice called him. When he looked back to see who was calling him his heart stopped. There she was. His dream was calling him back to her arms, calling him back to his castle where his heart was buried. She was there asking him to come back home…NO, she was asking him if he wanted to go back home…With her. In that moment, he realized that he wasn’t alone at all, at least not anymore.

So he jumped after her, after his dream and when he woke up he was happy to see that he wasn’t dreaming at all. She was there; they all were there, waiting the return of their king.

Author's Note: If you find out who I am talking about I'll give you a donut. xD Thank you all for reading it!
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13 June 2010 @ 06:46 pm

To son, with love

By: Raposa do Deserto – Desert Fox/guardian_fairy

His greatest heritage to his youngest son wasn't stocks or money, but a letter.


I didn’t write it to say I’m sorry or that if I could I would try to change things, because Ootoris do not regret what they did. I’m here to remember you that it wasn’t the only thing I was. I wasn’t only an Ootori I was a man too, with gifts and curses, but a man nonetheless. You don’t have to be Ootori Kyouya all the time, son. Sometimes you can be your own person too, without being afraid of showing your weakness or fears. You can get out of the shadows now, son. You’re, finally, free.

To son, with love

Ootori Yoshio.

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24 May 2010 @ 02:23 pm

Echoes of the Past

By: Raposa do Deserto – Desert Fox/guardian_fairy


“- We started off as friends and we will end up as such...”

After the unusual conversation with the head of the Ootori Empire, Suoh Yuzuru remembered a dear friend of him that somehow was starting to reborn of his own ashes…

- Class, we have a new student today. Please give your greetings to Ootori Yoshio.

- Ohayou gozaimasu, Ootori-san! – the class said out loud as the black-haired man smiled at them, his eyes shielded by his glasses.

- It is a pleasure meeting you all.

- You will sit beside Suoh-kun. Please put your hands up so Ootori-kun can see you. – the teacher said. I did as I was told and he walked directly to the seat beside me, not giving anyone a second glance as he sat down and started to pay attention to the teacher.

I tried to talk to him during the class, but the only thing he would do was ignore me. It was strange indeed, because even when he ignored me I had this feeling that he was watching me when I wasn’t looking.

- What a weird young man… - I thought to myself as I started to write some notes.

The class was over. I looked to the seat next to me, it was empty. “This guy is pretty fast.” I took my things and when I was about to leave the classroom I felt a pair of eyes watching me from behind. I looked back only to find him standing there, watching me from a corner, then he did the most unexpected thing that he could do, he smiled at me and waved good-bye. After that I didn’t find him that weird anymore.

Next day we greeted each other, the other we exchanged a few words, after that we were talking about our little secrets and how amused I was when we started to talk about our dreams and daydream about our future together.

Anyone who just didn’t know him would say he had a rock where should be his heart, but I, who saw his eyes shining when he met his soulmate, knew how a great heart he possessed. People who heard him talking about simple things would say how harsh he was, but I who heard him talking about his dreams knew he was just a dreamer.

And, above all, he was a good friend. He wasn’t very talkative, but he was always there, comforting me only with his presence.

- I don’t understand her, not at all, Yoshi-kun. She is my mother, she should support me, but the only thing she does is criticize me! – I said as my crystalline tears found their way out.

- No need to worry, Yuzuru.  She is just too conservative, but I’m sure when she saw what you mean she will change her mind.

- I’m not so sure, but arigatougozaimassu, Yoshi. – I smiled a bit.

- Douitashimashite. – He turned to left, but I held his elbow, making him turn to look at me.

- I know it may sound a little childish, but we will be friends forever, right?

- We started off as friends and we will end up as such.

I left him go, a smile playing in my eyes. We should always be friends, that was what I thought, but it seems that all good things must come to an end…Even our friendship.

On a rainy day, he was gone. Their parents sent him to America where he would finish his education and meet his soon to be wife. When I arrived home, I found a hopeless Taisho Fuyumi crying about her lost boyfriend and a note he sent to her before his departure: “Heirs have no fairytale endings…”

Yoshio would never imagine how despaired we were.

I would only meet him again five years later at the Yamada’s Winter Ball and by Kami-sama how different he was!

When he looked at me I saw a stranger and I knew he saw me the same way. We didn’t know each other, not anymore. He just smirked at me and my mother, he nodded his head as to acknowledgment our presence and continued his conversation. He ignored me one more time, but this time I knew for sure he would not stop to wave me good-bye.

Later that night, I found him alone, standing beside a few purple roses. His mind should be far away because he didn’t see me coming near him. We stayed in silence for some time until he decided to talk.

- She always loved purple roses. By the way, where is she? I didn’t see her tonight, isn’t she coming? – he asked not taking his eyes off the flower.

- No, she is not coming, Ootori-sama. Not at all… - I looked directly at him. My expression was hard and my heart seemed to be at my mouth. – You don’t know, do you?

- What? – for the first time that night he looked at me, he truly did, because I could see what he was hiding behind that mask he wore and what I found there was the most miserable feeling that someone could have…Guilt.

- When you left we were as good as shit, but even then we found the strength to move on. It was such a shame it didn’t last long…Because one month later Fuyumi found out she was pregnant. Her parents went nuts, their family was dishonored and they wanted to know who was the father of the child she was carrying, but she wouldn’t say it, so they proposed to her aborting the baby and you know what she did? She LEFT her family, because she didn’t want to KILL her child, YOUR child! I helped her without the knowledge of my mother, because only Kami knows what she would do to me she ever found out I was helping Fuyumi. I was there when your son was born; I was there when they both passed away, because they couldn’t bear anything more. IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! WHY COULDN’T YOU LEFT YOUR FAMILY, WHY COULDN’T YOU THE SAME THING SHE DID FOR YOU? WHY, YOSHIO, WHY?!!!!! – I left all my frustration on those words, my heart finally feeling a little light.

His eyes were shadowed by those dark feelings that now were consuming his bare soul. I thought he would say something like “I’m sorry” or “It was never my intention”, but what he said left me speechless.

- If I could change the line of space and time I would, but you see I’m only one more piece of Kami’s chessboard. – As he turned to left, our last meeting flashed in my mind and I decided to hold his elbow one more time.

- True enough, Yoshio. But you forgot one of the most famous phrases of Chico Xavier: “Although no one can go back and make a new beginning, anyone can start now and make a new end.”

When I said that a new feeling crossed his eyes, even if I did not know what it was I could say that the old flame was starting to die away.

As Ootori Yoshio left the building he saw his third son, the Suoh boy and that Fujioka girl talking happily. He stopped himself to analyze this weird view that looked so much like an echo from his past and maybe, just maybe it could really be. And that was when he noted how right Yuzuru was…Their children were finishing what they could not. They were, together, writing a new end.





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06 March 2010 @ 11:00 pm
Hi, everyone. "Childish Love" is the fic I wrote to the Luck Challenge. My other fic "Fishing Haruhi" is just a fic I wanted to share with you guys, so the only fic of mine for this challenge is "Childish Love". Thanks for letting me in. Ja ne!^^

Childish Love

By: Raposa do Deserto – Desert Fox


The true luck is to find the true love.

We can find love where we least expect.

With no doubt, that was the worst day of her entire life. Her mother was dead and her father was just as broke as she was. Well, she just was there, trying to image what was happening, but the hard true was, she already knew.

The cemetery was full of people that day; someone else has died too, someone important probably, because even the journalist and TV people were there.

Haruhi’s father was so busy hearing the condolences from his friends that he didn’t see his daughter going to that scrum, losing herself at the middle of the people.

Haruhi was trying to pass throw the people, she was curious about the “celebrity’s funeral”, she wanted to know who might be. But, unexpected, at least it was to her, her curiosity was assuaged.

- My mother is dead… - a young boy with onyx eyes stared at her with an indifferent face. The boy wore a black tux and even if he was the same age that her, his eyes seemed a lot older.

- My mommy is dead too. – she said to him.

- Oh… - an inconvenient silent was established for some time, but it didn’t remain, because the boy took her hand and asked:

- May you accompany me?

- Sure…

The boy brought her near a cherry tree not too away from where his mother was being buried, but not too near either.  He sat down and made her do the same, after that he just held her and started crying. The only thing she could do was hold him back, she knew how he was feeling, because she was feeling the same thing. He didn’t care who she was, he just needed that moment to release his soul of all this sorrow.

They stayed like that for a long time, but the young man broke the silence:

- What’s your name? – he stared at her. His eyes were red for the crying, his eyes were showing a mix of pain and happiness, the reason for being happy? She didn’t know.

- Fujioka…Fujioka Haruhi. – she answered with a half smile while fighting with stubborn tears that dared flowed of his eyes.

- Do you believe in love? – he asked, still looking at her as if he was trying to memorize everything  about her.

- I believe in everything I can feel and you? Do you believe in love? – the brown-haired girl asked while trying to decode those beautiful dark eyes.

- Now I do. – the boy took a black rose from his tux and put it on her hair.

- Now I do believe in love, Fujioka Haruhi. And be sure that someday we will meet again. – he gave her a quick kiss before returning to his mother’s funeral.

Haruhi never understood what happened that day and, with the years, she forgot it, making it just a sad dream, too surreal and illogical to be believed.

That was just another at the Host Club of the prestigious Ouran High School. Well, at least it was what she thought, but the true was that today was the “Host Club’s anniversary”.

Tamaki was shining happiness, full of expectations to this day. The twins were busy designing the clothes to the party while Hunny and Mori-sempai ate a cake. And Kyouya was just “lost” in his work.

Suddenly, Kyouya stopped what he was doing and stare out of the window, finding Haruhi at the Labyrinth of Roses. Then, discretely, he left the third room.

Haruhi wasn’t feeling well. The day of the foundation of the Host Club was the same day her mother has died. She knew it has been a long time now, but it still hurt.

- Do you believe in love? – a deep voice whispered, making Haruhi turn around, but strong arms stopped her.

- Love? – she could feel his hot breath on her neck and weirdly, it made her feel fine.

- Do you believe in love? – he asked again.

Somehow a lost memory came to her and she said:

- I believe in everything I can feel and you? Do you believe in love?

- I do, for twelve years now.

He released her, letting her know who was the one holding her and she was surprised to see Ootori Kyouya there, in front of her.

-  So, we meet again. – Haruhi smiled at the memory of a younger sempai. He was really a cute little boy.

Kyouya holds her tightly and for the second time in his life, he cries. And just one more time Haruhi held him back, because she was the only one who really understood him and knew of his sadness.

- We find love where we least expect. – he whispered to her and she just nodded.

Kyouya kissed her again, but this time he would not turn around to look at the past, because his future was standing there, in front of him.


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04 March 2010 @ 07:22 pm
Let it go
By: Raposa do Deserto - Desert Fox

" - I lov..." – Shmi Skywalker"
"- You're breaking my heart..." – Padmé Amidala

" - I think that you will kill me someday..." – Obi-wan Kenobi
" - I would never do such thing..." – Anakin Skywalker"
"- I'm not ready, not yet."
The life was a cycle with no ending. It doesn't matter how hard you try...Someday the story will repeats itself.

Flashback on ---

A young boy was cleaning the floor while his mother cooked something to them. He was very young at that time, seven, eight, he didn't remember at all, it wouldn't make any difference.

- Mother, will we be free to go someday? – the little blonde boy asked to his mother who didn't turned to face him.
- I don't know about us, but I know that someday you'll be free, Ani. You deserve a life so much better than this one. – his mother said trying to hide the emotions she was feeling.
- I don't want to live free without you, mom. I don't even know if I could live without you. – the young boy embraced her from behind.

Shmi just smiled, but that smile was a sad one, because she knew that she couldn't be free, not anymore, she didn't know how to be free, she forgot, but there was a chance to him, to her Ani...

- Ani, look out of the window and tell me what you can see. – She pointed to the near window.

- People, just normal people. - He said staring out the window.
- And what do they mean to you?
- Nothing. I think that's because I don't know them.
- That's right. Now, look at me. What do I mean to you?
- Everything...

- Now, hear me and never forget what I'll say to you: there will be people you care and don't care about, but they all will have the same end, because everybody dies, Ani...Everybody has to...

- But I don't want to lose you... – the boy started to cry.

- I know, dear, but sometimes we just have to let it go, let them go. Because even if we lost the ones we love, they won't stop loving us. Please, Ani...When time shows up, just let it go...Just do it.

They embraced each other and cried, they knew that the time would come.

Flashback off---

- Luke? – a powerfull voiced asked throw their bond.
- Father? – the rebel answered.
- Son, it's your destiny...
- Ben, why didn't you tell me? – Luke screamed at the force.
- Luke, come with me...I lov... – He stopped himself, he couldn't say that. He was a sith lord, he loves nobody.
- Son, come with me...
- Stop, you're breaking my heart! You're trying to confuse me, Vader! Trying to make me think that Obi-wan lied to me, that everything that I lived was a lie! You injured my body and now want to injure my mind as well? It can't be true at all...I think that you will kill me someday...– Luke said feeling numb, confused, betrayed and incaple of continuing this conversation.
- I would never do such a thing... – Vader said to him.
- You already did. – the force whispered.

Suddenly, the ship went into hyperspace and there was only the stars and the dark figure looking at them. The time came several times, the first one was when he lost his mother, the second was when he lost his angel, the third was when he killed his master, he has to admit...He wasn't ready, not yet.

The cycle continued as the force wished, because there was something left to learn, something to let go.
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04 March 2010 @ 06:32 pm

Fishing Haruhi

By: Raposa do Deserto-Desert Fox

Ootori Kyouya loves fishing, but he still didn't know that until yesterday…When the blonde king found out this and others common activities.

- Hey! Listen to me! I have something to say! – a blonde-haired guy called Suoh Tamaki cried out.

- What do you want to say, tono? – the twins asked.

- I have a list with many common activities that each of us will do today. – he smiled while read the list.

- Hell… - the shadow king thought when he read the paper that Tamaki gave to him. Fishing? What the hell is it?

Kyouya left the third room with a bad mood. Everybody is excited with these stupid activities...

The twins and Tamaki are playing a game called Twister while Mori and Hunny are playing Hide and Seek. He doesn't see the funny of this, but…It seems more interesting than fishing! However all this activities are stupid! So stupid, that not even Haruhi wanted to play these sucker things.

When he arrived at the lake he sat down and read the instructions that the idiot king did:

1- Sit down;

2- Read this instructions;

Kyouya felt his anger rising, but he said to himself that he wasn't going to do anything about it. Did Tamaki think he was that idiot?

3- Take the fishing rod;

4- Put the bail on fish hook;

5- Put the fish hook under water and wait.

The cool type did what was wrote there and felt very weird. This activity is so calm; bring a sensation of peace and relaxation.

After some time he got many fish, although he didn't know what do with it. Suddenly he had an idea. What is Haruhi doing?

Haruhi was studying to her exam next week when she heard a strange noise. She looked for the noise and found out a thing that she loves a lot…Ootoro. Haruhi looked in all directions and tried to take the ootoro, but the food was moving! She waited a minute and tried again, and not she knows… She was following the food to out the school.

When the hosts came back to the third room they found out a paper with instructions.

1- Look out the window;

They did that and saw an innocent Haruhi following an ootoro moored on the fishing rod. And waiting for her was a black car, but before they could do something she get in the car.

After that, they read the last instruction…

2- Say good bye to her.

Kyouya looked at Haruhi who was eating her ootoro and smiled. He found out that he loves fishing.


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06 November 2007 @ 02:17 pm
Sincere Lies
By: Raposa do Deserto - Desert Fox


Sometimes, it's complicated to always say the truth. This is one of the many things that are completely impossible that a man doesn't make even if only one time. Everybody lies, but in contrast with the truth, all the lies are sinceres…

" - I can't do this anymore – a brown-haired young lady says to herself."

" - I can't lie about how I feel for you, Tamaki…- the young maid looks at the blonde and the beautiful French woman who is with him."

" - HARUHI! MY BELOVED DAUGHTER! – Tamaki shouted in joy when he saw her."

Haruhi only waved and came back home, she was very thoughtful…How did she manage to hide her feelings during six years? How could she keep lying to him? And worst, to herself?

When Haruhi was just a child, she learned that saying the truth was always the best way to prevent your own suffering and others as well; but there's no point, everybody has to learn how live with the pain.

The first thing that Haruhi did when she arrived at home was taking a bath, a long bath. After that, she went to the garden to think of all her silent years. Haruhi looks at the cherry tree in her garden, she sat down and stayed there.

"- I can't do this anymore…"

"- This secret has been hidden for six years. Why can't you put up with it anymore, Haruhi? – a handsome dark-haired man wearing glasses sat down next to her, however, she didn't want to look at him."

" - Because it doesn't matter how long have it been hidden. There will be a moment that your secret will suffocate you. – Haruhi said as tear falls on the floor."

" - This secret doesn't suffocate you when it is released to somebody else, Haruhi. I know your secret, therefore, it won't suffocate you."

" - Do you promise me that you will never talk about it to anyone? – she finally looks at him."

" - I never did, why would I talk about it now? – the young man hugs her."

" - Why did you marry me, Kyouya? – Haruhi was crying when she asked it."

" - Because I love you and I don't care if you love more that idiot than me. What matter is that you love me someway."

" - I didn't want to lie to Tamaki anymore…"

" - A sincere lie never hurted anyone, dear."

" - Sincere lie? – Haruhi didn't understand what her husband was saying."

"- You said that you love him, you don't specify the way you did. You lied to Tamaki, because you didn't want him to suffer for you; you lied thinking of what was the best to him. You were sincere when you told that you loved him, but you were a liar when you did hide the way you loved him, but you protected him, you didn't permit that he suffered. That's why all lies are sinceres."

"- But not everybody lies to protect other people."

" - But people lie with the intention of protecting someone or something, it doesn't matter what it is, they lie and are sinceres when did it, because sincerity isn't just when you say the truth, but also when you lie to fulfill a wish that you know that will never come true."

" - I didn't understand anything, but your words make me fell better. – she laughed."

" - That's good! That's what really matter. – Kyouya smiled, a true smile if I can say…"

" - Do you think that someday I will forget him? – Haruhi asked."

" - I don't know, but if you don't I'll add it in your debt. – Kyouya smirked."

" - Oh my God! My husband is a bastard. – she kissed him.

Sometimes, it's complicated to always say the truth. This is one of the many things that are completely impossible that a man doesn't make even if only one time. Everybody lies, but in contrast with the truth, all the lies are sincere, because sincerity isn't just when you say the truth, but also when you lie to fulfill a wish that you know that will never come true.






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